Active Concept Training

Mobility, Motivation, and Mindful Conditioning

 Mobility--One must be able to MOVE to improve.

Motivation--In order to improve, one must WANT to find the motivation to do so.

Mindful Conditioning--In conditioning the body, the mind follows.


Active Concept Training, or ACT, takes the mind/body connection back to its roots.  Back to where lifting heavy objects, going for a long run or bike ride, and being mobile were acts that not only had to be done, but NEEDED to be done for survival--both physically and mentally!

There is a reason why depression, by the year 2020, will be the second most diagnosed 'disease' in America, if the current rate continues.  There is a reason why obesity is fast becoming the major problem for 2/3 of Americans.  Combine these two, and the downward spiral is frightening.

Being active can help with BOTH of these issues, as well as countless others!   ACT is here to help you combine your efforts, in and outside the gym, to REVERSE these trends brought on by inactivity and wasteful portions of food.

 ACT--to do something, be operative, exert energy or force;  anything done, to be done, or accomplish;  to perform a function or perform specific functions.

ACT--Active Concept Training--be mobile, be motivated, and be mindful of your conditioning!




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